An Outlandish Few Days: Outlander in Two Days or More

SUMMARY: Step back in time and take a few days to enjoy some of the iconic locations featured in the acclaimed TV Series, Outlander. Over the course of two days we will cover some of the main locations used in the filming of Outlander; from the haunting experience of standing at the entrance to ‘Lallybroch’ to the anguish of the whipping scene at ‘Ardsmuir’, let our Outlander experts take you on a two day trip through Jacobite Scotland, visiting your favourite scenes and experiencing the beautiful locations used in the filming of Outlander.

HIGHLIGHTS & KEY LOCATIONS: Lallybroch, the Witch Trial, Castle Leoch, Cranesmuir, Fort William Prison, and ‘Inverness’. We will also visit some hidden gems not featured on other ‘mass market’ tours; aiming to explore 7 to 8 locations each day.

ITINERARY: The first day will focus on the key film locations to the west of Edinburgh: Lallybroch, Ardsmuir Prison, Wentworth Prison and Castle Leoch. We will also take the time to visit a couple of less well-known sites. Your driver will return you to your base at the end of the day, be it Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth or Stirling.

The second day will se us heading slightly further north and east, taking in the filming locations used as Cranesmuir, the monastery, the Witch Trial and ‘Inverness’ plus some other hidden gems. As with Day 1, this tour can be undertaken from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth or Stirling.

For those wishing to extend the tour to three or four days we will spend the next nights in Perthshire and Inverness, allowing us to head north into ‘Jacobite Country’ and follow Jamie and Claire on their ill-fated journey to Culloden. On our way to Culloden we will visit both the ‘real’ Crag Na Dun and their inspiration, the standing stones at Clava Cairns. We will also take time to walk to the Clan Fraser grave on Culloden Moor and even visit the real-life grave of Jamie’s grandfather, Simon Fraser, The Red Fox before returning through the Highlands once more to our starting point in Central Scotland.

While we can offer a pre-set route, we are also happy to work with you in advance to select your own favourite scenes in Outlander and match these to the actual locations used in the filming of the series. Together we can create your perfect Outlander-themed tour. This intimate tour will allow you and your small group the time to really feel part of the ‘Outlander Experience’. We can also include other Scottish locations such as castles or distilleries to give a fuller flavor of Scotland.

OVERNIGHT STOPS & ACCOMMODATION: This is a multi-day tour departing from Central Scotland. Depending on the exact number of days, overnight stops can include hotels of your choice in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, Perth and Inverness.

PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES: There will be photo stops at all Outlander locations. We are also very happy to take photographs of you and your friends to ensure you have a lasting memento of your Outlandish few days.

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