A Photo McNab: Scottish Wildlife Through a Zoom Lens

SUMMARY: Catch a salmon, bag a brace of grouse, and shoot a stag in a single day; this is the ‘sporting challenge’ set by the great Scottish author John Buchan to the title character of his novel John McNab. We are pleased to offer clients the chance to create their own ‘photo McNab’ by shooting some of Scotland’s most iconic wildlife; with a camera, not a gun. Depending on the time of year the species could include Red Deer, Golden Eagles, Osprey, Capercailie, Seals, Dolphins, even Red Squirrels, or leaping Salmon.

DURATION: One to Five Days


HIGHLIGHTS & KEY LOCATIONS: Everything from rugged mountains and open moorlands, unspoilt beaches, crystal clear rivers and enchanting forests, combined with views of some of Scotland’s most recognisable and sought after species.



This truly magnificent opportunity to photograph the very best of Scotland will be tailored to your needs, reflecting the time you have available, the time of year you are visiting and the level of experience and interest you have in wildlife photography. For some, a single trip to a suitable habitat offering the chance to see these wonderful animals may be enough; for others more time will be needed as we strive for that perfect (but never guaranteed!) shot.


We would, therefore, design your own tour focussing on the species you would really love to photograph in the wild. In addition to photography this tour also gives you the chance to experience some of the most amazing landscapes in Scotland. Our experienced guides will work with you to create your own bespoke tour, providing advice on species, best times of year, best locations and much, much, more, as well as acting as your driver guide throughout your stay.


OVERNIGHT STOPS & ACCOMMODATION: We would be more than happy to assist with recommending accommodation in and around your areas of interest; we can even incorporate some of these opportunities into a longer, more general tour of Scotland.


Please contact us for further information.

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