Angus: Birthplace of a Nation

Private Guided Tours: Angus

SUMMARY: ‘Welcome to Angus: Scotland’s Birthplace’… so say the signposts as you enter this often-bypassed corner of the country. Here, the earliest farmers settled the land after the glaciers of the last ice age retreated; here, the ancient Pictish tribes drove back the invaders from northern England; here, Kenneth MacAlpin, King of Dalriada, first united the Picts and the Scots, from which, most historians agree, the beginnings of the Scottish nation can be traced; and here, in 1320, 38 Scottish lords signed the Declaration of Arbroath, a letter to the Pope, urging him to discard England’s claims and proclaim Scotland a nation in its own right. Does this make Angus the birthplace of Scotland? Explore the area with us and make up your own mind.

DURATION: Single Day (can be extended to up to three days)

HIGHLIGHTS & KEY LOCATIONS: Millenia old agricultural landscape, Centuries old fishing and market towns, Glamis Castle, Arbroath Abbey, Distillery visit, Pictish Standing Stones

ITINERARY: After collection from your hotel we will travel first to the former Royal Burgh of Arbroath, exploring the rolling agricultural coastal plain of Angus en-route. Arbroath’s picturesque, ruined abbey was the site for the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath; here we will have time to explore the abbey and discuss the influence Scotland’s ‘declaration of independence’ had on the American Declaration of Independence 450 years later. We will then travel inland towards the Angus glens, southern gateway to the Cairngorm Highlands, for a picnic lunch, but not before we have taken time to try some Uisge Beatha ‘Water of Life’ at the local distillery, and appreciate the changing scenery on the way.

In the afternoon, we will stop at some less visited sites to investigate the development of castellated architecture and culture at these cross-roads between the Highlands and Lowlands. We will also visit some of the best examples of Pictish monumental art, carved standing stones capturing both the ancient and Christian symbolism of the time. Our day in Angus will finish with a tour of the spectacular Glamis Castle, ancestral seat of the Lyons clan and childhood home of Queen Elizabeth, the late Queen Mother; this architectural masterpiece provides a fitting end to an exploration of this delightfully under-visited corner of Scotland.

OVERNIGHT STOPS & ACCOMMODATION: Why not extend you tour with an overnight stay in 4* accommodation in Carnoustie or at a boutique restaurant with rooms?

PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES: Glamis Castle, Arbroath Abbey, Pictish Stones, Coastal harbours & scenery

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