By Select Scotland Tours
We Love Our Trees

We’ve now got over 300 native trees in our Select Scotland Tours grove in Glen Affric in the Scottish Highlands. Brilliant news! Many thanks to all who have contributed so far, either directly or indirectly, the latter by touring with us. As part of our commitment to Sustainable Tourism, we offset all our carbon emissions and a major part of this is helping to restore the Caledonian Forest by planting species like Scots pine, oak, alder, aspen, juniper and rowan. We do this as part of a tremendous wider project run by Trees for Life. The restoration of the Caledonian Forest will have a far-reaching impact, creating a rich habitat to support wildlife such as red squirrel, black grouse, capercaillie, pine marten and golden eagle.

With large parts of Scotland being battered by Storm Arwen last week, we saw significant damage to trees across the country and as December is very much the month of trees (think Christmas!), we thought it timely to invite you to become part of our effort to help enrich and rewild Scottish forests. You can find out more and perhaps even donate a tree to the Select Scotland grove here:

Sustainable Tourism

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